Weekends Brunch

Saturday & sunday from 10am to 3pm
(Alcoholic beverages served after 12pm on sundays)

breakfast panritto - 16

Large pancake stuffed with scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, ham & american cheese, topped with melted cheeses & bacon bits

nutella panritto - 16

Large pancake stuffed with nutella & banana, topped with sliced strawberries, oreo crumbles & powder sugar

chunky monkey french toast - 16

French toast stuffed with peanut butter, topped with bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips & caramel sauce

berry cheesecake pancakes - 16

Baked with chunks of cheesecake & topped with fresh berries & powder sugar

sunny tacos - 15

Open-faced corn tortillas topped with eggs up, black beans, avocado, diced tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese & cilantro, served with home fries, salsa & sour cream

puebla quesadilla - 15

scrambled eggs, pepper-jack cheese, diced chicken, black beans & jalapenos in a flour tortilla, served with home fries, salsa & sour cream

cuban breakfast - 16

three fried eggs, chorizo, avocado, fried plantains, rice & beans

chili egg boat - 16

Scrambled eggs with our signature spicy beef chili made with beans and jalapeños on a toasted hero, topped with shredded cheese blend, served with french fries

chiller's stuffed omelet - 16

Spicy beef chili, cheddar cheese stuffed omelet topped with avocado & pico de galo served with potato pancake

mexico stuffed omelet - 16

Stuffed with green peppers, pickled jalapenos, grilled onions, pepper-jack cheese & chunky salsa topped with more chunky salsa, served with potato pancake

philly stuffed omelet - 16

Thin sliced steak, melted swiss, caramelized onions, green peppers & mushrooms topped with scallions, served with potato pancake

crab meat stuffed omelet - 18

Filled with grilled seasoned crab meat & scallions topped with red roasted peppers & lobster sauce, served with potato pancake

goat cheese stuffed omelet - 16

fresh spinach & onions omelet filled with diced tomatoes & goat cheese topped with hollandaise sauce & scallions, served with potato pancake

filet mignon benedict - 24

English muffin topped with filet mignon medallions, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce, served with grilled asparagus

corned beef hash benedict - 16

English muffin topped with corned beef hash, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce, served with grilled asparagus

chimichurri breakfast feast - 30

Skirt steak topped with caramelized onions, three eggs up and our chimichurri sauce, served with spicy chorizo, avocado and rice