Chillers Grill

Chillers Grill is known for its delectable offerings and quality service. Our menu aims to offer our customers a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages. The key highlight of our restaurant is that we offer a diverse menu everyday known as Monday to Sunday Specials. Our team takes extra care to further please our guests with our impeccable service. Our desire has always been to provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction in their dining experience with us.

To Us, You are a part of the Family!

Consider us your friendly neighborhood grill, where our family welcomes yours. We believe that details matter, whether we’re preparing a premium-cut steak, fresh and naturally-aged, or one of our carefully-crafted seafood, chicken or pasta dishes. And as with our own family, our goal is to create the best dining experience for you; from catching the game, to hosting that special private party, your satisfaction matters most. Great food. Great friends and family. We’re here for you